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Ambient Alert is proud to be partnering with Mission Manager, the most widely used first responder incident management system in the field.  We recognize the responsibility we have to provide those who serve and protect us with the best tools possible, and we look forward to working with and supporting those users who have placed their trust in us.

Mission Manageris a software platform utilized by first responders to provide personnel, asset and mission management. Deployed across a rapidly growing user base currently exceeding 1,100 agencies with over 20,000 participating team members in more than 30 countries, Mission Manager has helped manage more than 4,000 missions over the past three years.

Used by police, firefighters, disaster relief personnel, sporting event security, crime scene control and other teams responding to emergency incidents; Mission Manager provides real-time event mapping and tracking of vehicles, team members, search animals, equipment and other assets.

Created by a first responder for first responders, Mission Manager focuses on the responder team so that they can resolve incidents faster and more effectively. Mission Manager’s streamlined user interface is built for daily management of an agency’s team and allows for a seamless transition to incident management at a moment’s notice. Exceptionally comfortable with Mission Manager’s intuitive architecture even in times of lull, responder teams are always kept up-to-date with the most current mission-critical information.

For more information on Mission Manager, visit www.missionmanager.com.


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